The authors are responsible for the content of their work. Papers are published in Croatian language, with the title, abstract and keywords being written in English. Manuscripts received in English are published in English. The manuscript is submitted to the editorial office in the electronic form and sent to the email addresses:

The papers are categorized as original

  • scientific papers
  • review papers
  • professional papers.

The content of the manuscript should be written in the 3rd person. The manuscript should be divided into chapters and paragraphs using classification. The chapter and paragraph should have their title written as the rest of the text, not in capital letters, without underlining and without spacing. The editorial board determines the type of letters, syllable, etc.

The size of the manuscript should not exceed 15 text cards, including figures, drawings, and tables.

The title (head) of the paper should include the following information:

  • title
  • author’s name and surname
  • name and place of institution/company in which the author(s) works

The title is written in Croatian and English.

The abstract is written for original scientific papers, review and professional papers. The abstract is written in the manuscript language and in English. The abstract contains basic information about the work and the main results of the manuscript. The abstract should contain 300-400 words.

The manuscript generally includes: introduction (including theory), experimental part, discussion and conclusion. The introduction of the manuscript is essentially directed from the wider field to the topic being discussed within the manuscript. It gives an overview of the research state of the art. The results are presented in tables and figures. The SI units are used in the manuscript. The content of the tables, figures or possible images, should be easy for understanding without reading the text. Tables and figures should have separate numbering. Figures and their descriptions are given as a separate attachment. Letters and numbers must be legible even after possible reduction. Figures and drawings should be of good quality.

Formulas and equations are written in the text and are indicated by an ordinal number.

Literature references are listed by ordinal Arabic numbers in square brackets with the same order as in-text citation.

Examples of reference citing in the list of references are as follows:

for journals:

  • Skenderi Z., Akalović A.: Review of the Legislation on Skin, Footwear and Accessories – II. Part, Ordinance on marking of the main parts of footwear intended for sale to the consumer, Leather & Footwear 60 (2013) 7-9, 10-12

for books:

  • Goonetilike R.S .: The Science of Footwear, CRC Press 2013, 113-126

for books of proceedings:

  • Žuvela Bošnjak F. et al .: Thermal stability and resistance to bending of beef for shoe-making, Proceedings of Textile, The Journal Leather & Footwear – “sustainable” development sector in Croatia, 11. Scientific-technical consultancy in textile science and economy, Ercegović Ražić S. (ur.), University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb 2018, 168-173

for web sites:

  •, Accessed: 2018-09-03

References with more than two authors, are written with the first author’s name following et al or i sur. (for Croatian cites).

You can download the manuscript template here: KiO_template_engl.docx

Papers first prints are sent by the editorial board to the correspondent authors for possible corrections.

Conditions for manuscripts submission

Before submitting the manuscript, the authors are required to confirm the conformity of the manuscript:

  1. Submitted manuscript has not been published or is in the review process for publication in another journal.
  2. The manuscript file is in Microsoft Word or RTF format.
  3. The URLs of online available references are attached as well.
  4. The text of the manuscript has a single spacing; the font is 12pt; italic is rather preferred than underline in case of URLs; and all the illustrations, figures and tables are placed in appropriate places of the text, rather than at its end.
  5. The manuscript meets the style and bibliographic requirements specified in the forth-mentioned text.


The authors reserve the author copyright and give the journal the first publication right. The journal provides open access to the published papers with mandatory citation of the authorship and original publication.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses of the authors will be used solely for the purpose of papers publication in the journal and will not be used for any other purpose.